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Project Description

Aura is a pub in Jabalpur, and they contacted us with a very peculiar software problem. They needed their tables to be smart but none of the software-design companies they consulted none of they could offer what they were looking for.
They finally approached us and we showed them a mockup of how we imagine the software, and were very pleased with the results and REAK was then contracted to build the smart-table for them. We have since pushed the smart-table project to their pub, and the numbers are astonishing for the engagement. Customer appeasement is off the charts with the system, and being the first technology-oriented-pub in central India helps them in the required PR.
The Smart-Table software christened iRIS, is now on sale for other establishments aswell with a deal with the Aura management. iRIS has the following features :

  • Fully Touch based Interaction Platform
  • Ability to play games
  • Multipler games, able to complete from your table with family from other
  • Order food / drinks from the table
  • Browse your favourite websites, while you wait for food
  • Send feedback, make tweet / post to facebook (check-in / reviews)
  • Request / Dedicate songs to DJ right from your table
  • Ability to watch your food as it's being prepared

Client: Aura Pub (Jabalpur)

Tags: web design, software development, smart, table, pub table, concept development

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