Industry Automation Services

Industry Automation Services

REAK has experience in dealing with single-source systems integration and specialized software engineering.
We have enough domain knowledge and competencies in automation, we also offer customized hardware paired with software to service the industrial automation sector.

We understand that there is a global need for data analysis from field devices and systems, We serve organizations looking for operation optimization and productivity increase. Analysis of data collected from this field can be analyzed via machine learning or displayed in the Operations Control Room.


  • Optimum Operation Cost
  • Resource Optimization
  • Automation of Real-time data gathering
  • Machine Learning analysis for maximized productivity


  • Automated Incidence Reporting
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Smart Alert Management
  • Real-time situation awareness

Our services include remote monitoring of assets such as equipment, machines, fleets etc, and to automate event alerts to optimize the user of assets and improve the safety and productivity of the machines.
Real-time data and remote tracking enable better mobile workforce management, implement better maintenance processes and enhance security, leading to operation excellence.

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