Desktop App Development Services

Desktop App Development Services

In this era of mobile app and web ecosystem, Desktop apps are lost somewhere back, but in case of an enterprise system we cannot stress the use enough.

WebApps utilize the browser aspect of the desktop, but there are certain issues with the browser especially when one needs to handle errors locally for example, if you have an app that syncs data with master server. With a desktop app even if the internet is not connected many measures can be taken to ensure it is synced without hampering the current work.

Windows OS

  • Experience in Flat UI Design
  • Experience with Windows 10 SDK
  • Proficiency in C# / C++
  • Proficiency in .NET

Linux OS

  • Experts in Qt / Python
  • GTK+ Python Kit
  • GTK3 Ready

Mac OS

  • Objective C / C++
  • Carbon / Cocoa API
  • Apple Scripts / Python + Cocoa

Cross-platform App Development

  • Qt / Python
  • Qt / C++

REAK leverages the most recent technologies to develop awesome UI apps, which offer inituative interface, user-friendly and effective desktop applications that work offline and run just as easily online.
We develop Desktop Applications that tone-down the complexity of your business flow, accelerate your productivity by making complicated and tedious operations simpler. A desktop app helps you to synchronize important processes and streamline your IT operations in a growth enhancing manner.

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