Security Services Project

Security Services Project

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Project Description

  • Pro-active Security Management
  • Threat Detection / Mitigation
  • IDS / Firewall / DPI Installation

One such company where we provided services and haven't signed up an NDA is Lukana Auctions S.R.L. which is a company in Peru. They deal with online auctions and have multiple e-commerce websites under their banner.

REAK have provided them with security solutions, They approached REAK after a security breach where the website was defaced, we handled their case and cleaned out the malware and backdoors on their server in a record 86 minute cleanout after which our company was granted the complete security management suite to prevent DDoS and Hacking / Malicious access to their server or website. Their contract with us have expired in 2015, and talks are in progress for the next 3-year contract.

We have multiple other websites, blogs, portals and applications which are protected by REAK but our under NDA. We mainly deal with DDoS Mitigation, Risk Mitigation and PCI-DSS compliance by using our own infrastructure present in Datacenters present in Europe (Netherlands and France), and use that infrastructure to mitigate threats faced by our partnering companies and organizations.

Client: Lukana Auctions SRL, PE

Tags: E-commerce, Security Services, Risk assessment and mitigation

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