HyperLocal Management Suite

Hyperlocal Management Suite

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Project Description

Hyperlocal market being so common these days, We developed a software to enable hyperlocal merchants carry out tasks effectively and manage them appropriately.
The software handles all transactions with the providers, aswell as customers and moves like clockwork by creating and auto-emailing invoices to make sure the accounting is a breeze. MydeliveryExpress and a host of other hyperlocal delivery chains use our software to keep track of accounting, product delivery, Customer Relationship (CRM), Handling order inflow and make sure everything works like clockwork.
Features of the software :

  • Order Management and Tracking
  • Invoice Management and Tracking
  • Support Tickets / Issues Management and Tracking
  • GPS Tracking of Delivery Vehicles / Agents and manage them for instant delivery
  • Automated System to find nearest Delivery Vehicle and initiate delivery with them.
  • White labelled mobile apps are available to be used as part of the suite.

Client: NDA

Tags: web design, software development, hyperlocal store, delivery management

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