About us

REAK INFOTECH LLP was incorporated on 25th September 2013 with the aim of “providing world-class, innovation-driven IT solutions and efficient management and advertisement solutions”. We at REAK are always there to help our clients & solve their problems in a comfortable and cost-effective way. We serve a wide array of clients ranging from startups to established businesses and our dedication to every client makes us different from others.

We aid startups in providing a portal for their services by means of websites, desktop and mobile apps. We help them in reaching out and increasing their client base by providing tailored and efficient advertisement strategies. We also provide latest technological solutions to enhance the efficiency of their products and services.

We help established businesses in improving efficiency of their existing businesses by providing unique management strategies. We also provide innovative and revolutionary concepts to stay ahead of their competitors.

What do we actually do?

Well we help our clients achieve their dreams.

Understanding Requirement

When a client approaches us the first thing that we do is, understand their requirement their ambitions. Help them with their idea, enhance in accordance to the market they are targetting.


We develop applications using the latest and the most advanced technologies available, to help you reduce infrastructure budgets, ensure that our application is secure and has the best code quality to make sure you don't run into any issues.


Feedback plays a vital role in our ecosystem, We develop according to the requirement sheet that we build gathering the data from the client, but there are times where there is miscommunication.

How We Work?

You bring us the idea, and we help it to turn into reality. We carefully assess your idea, provide feedback and validation.
First Meeting
Once we have a grasp of your idea, We understand your requirements and expectations from the product.
After the meeting, we get to work. We prepare the roadmap and select technologies to be used
Prototyping is an integral part in our development environment, It helps the client to get an idea of it and cater their changed requirements.
Once we have complete idea of the client's requirement, We start our work on Application Design like UI/UX elements and design, back/frontend structuring.
We finally start with development, showing updates to client and collecting feedback on the client to make a polished product in the end which caters to all requirements.
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