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Project Description

AI Based Server Management Software (NetworkArray)
NetworkArray is a UK based company, primarily dealing in web-hosting services and manage a huge amount of dedicated servers in their datacenters.
We were approached to build a customized solution for which, they could allow users to control their servers aswell as provide notifications regarding their server health (Push notifications, SMS and Automated Calls (For urgent notifications)). We developed a secure way or bridging different servers, by implementing dynamic-chained keys to access the client server in an event of emergency and to take backups.
We have provided them with a full-scale platform, right from automated server dispatch like installation + setup scripts, and automatically managing and making sure the services are not disrupted for any client.

Features of the software :

  • AI Based Machine Learning Incident reporting and Incident fixing
  • System when raising alerts monitor commands use to resolve it, and tries to understand the commands for any future incidents of same nature
  • Secure Dynamic-Chained Key system deployment, The private keys are always secure, and no human interaction is required.
  • Custom PXE Implementation for headless and automated API based installs
  • Dynamic reporting system with urgency based resoponse like Push-Notifications, SMS for non-critical incidents, and Automated Calls with Text-to-Speech for critical incidents.

Client: NetworkArray (UK) Ltd.

Tags: web design, software development, cloud computing, artifical intelligence, alerting, reporting

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